Monica Wise

Monica Wise

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I’m a freelance Colombian American documentary filmmaker and video journalist focusing on women, migration and human rights. I moved to Mexico over two years ago to cover these topics in Latin America. As a daughter of the immigrant diaspora, I find my work focusing on identity, justice and intersections between cultures and movements. I seek to tell cinematic, intimate stories of resistance that span borders while highlighting feminist, LGBTI, and indigenous narratives. I believe these underreported narratives have the strength to change the future of a region which has shaped my own understanding of (in)justice and humanity.

I work in TV, News, and Documentary film production in a variety of roles and am available as a camerawoman, producer, director, or fixer.

My work has been featured in the Guardian, the BBC, the Intercept, the Atlantic, TeleSUR,  AJ+, PBS, History Now, and NBC Latino. My clients have included: UNESCO, The Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz, RedBull, Soil Haiti, and Spotify. I worked as a producer and cinematographer on "The New Deciders," a PBS documentary special with the award-winning journalist Maria Hinojosa. I also produced and edited Guatemalan courtroom testimonies with Pamela Yates/Skylight Pictures where Mayan genocide victims demanded justice for their past, and helped to produce the feature documentary “500 Years,” chronicling indigenous resistance in Guatemala, which premiered at Sundance 2017.

I’m a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College and have produced work from Haiti, Cuba, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Chile, Colombia and Mexico. I was recently selected for the International Women's Media Foundation Adelante cross-border reporting fellowship in Central America, and also UC Berkeley’s Investigative Reporting Program workshop for independent filmmakers. I was also selected for @TakeLeadWomen’s 50 Women Can Change the World in Media & Entertainment initiative.

I am currently directing two documentaries exposing state human rights abuses in Latin America through the eyes of female survivors.

Mónica Wise es una documentalista y periodista Colombiana Americana basada en la ciudad de México. Su trabajo ha sido publicado en The Guardian, The Atlantic, TeleSUR, OZY, AJ+, MSNBC, PBS, History Now y NBC Latino, Se enfoca en historias íntimas de resistencia feminista, LGBTI, indígena y migrante.

Mónica trabajó en “500 Años” un documental de Pamela Yates/Skylight Pictures sobre la resistencia indígena en Guatemala, estrenado en Sundance Film Festival 2017. También fue productora y camarógrafa en “The New Deciders,” un documental para PBS con Maria Hinojosa. Ha producido y editado parte de la serie “Dictador en el Banquillo,” que muestra los testimonios de sobrevivientes del genocidio de los Maya Ixil en Guatemala durante el juicio contra el general Ríos Montt. Mónica se graduó de Sarah Lawrence College y también ha producido documentales en Haití, Cuba, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Chile, Colombia y México.